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Unlock Latams top talent pool &  save up to 70%  on hiring and ongoing costs

From a virtual executive assistant to a +500 agents operation, FlexCenter offers the perfect solution tailored just for your business.
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Why Partner with Flexcenter?

Bilingual Agents
Our bilingual agents seamlessly navigate English, Spanish, and French, ensuring your clients receive top-notch service in the language they prefer.
Junior, Tech, or Professional Profiles
Whether you're in need of junior, tech, or professional profiles, FlexCenter BPO caters to your unique requirements with a diverse skill set at your service.
Save up to 70% in hiring costs
Say goodbye to budget concerns as FlexCenter BPO enables you to save up to a whopping 70% in hiring costs, a game-changer for businesses seeking efficient solutions without breaking the bank.
24/7 Multi-channel Support
Need assistance around the clock? Our 24/7 multichannel support ensures your business never sleeps, providing unparalleled service whenever your clients need it.
USA Time Zone
With FlexCenter BPO, you can also enjoy the convenience of operating within the same time zone as the USA, fostering seamless collaboration and communication.
Operational Hub or Home Office Location
With operational hub or home office location options, we tailor our services to fit your business model seamlessly.

Our Three-Step Hiring Process

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Analysis and Profiling
Selection and Assessment
Hiring and Ongoing Support
Analysis and Profiling
Selection and Assessment
Hiring and Ongoing Support

Measurable Performance!

Employee Retention
Our net attrition rate of 3% MTD showcases our focus on a satisfied and dedicated team.
Employee Advocacy
eNPS above 90% reflects a workforce proud to be a part of FlexCenter.
Customer Delight
CSAT consistently at 94% highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional service.


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Lead Campaigns ⎸ Sales Boost
From creating lead campaigns to telemarketing, Flexcenter is a key factor in our sales process. Whether it's a live or automated connection, your customers are in for a memorable experience.
Multichannel Customer Support
Our corporate and travel lodging business is a 24/7 operation. Flexcenter was able to design a top notch support program for our clients that had the ability to keep up with their schedule no matter the time or communication channel.
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