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Unlock Latams top talent pool & save up to 70% on hiring and ongoing costs. From a virtual executive assistant to a +500 agents operation, FlexCenter offers the perfect solution tailored just for your business.
Welcome to your premier global partner in outsourcing solutions, where the main goal is to power your business and take it to the next level. Our A-Team of experienced agents specializes in delivering top-noch solutions in sales, customer service & tech support areas.


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that best fits your business model

Whether it’s a dedicated agent or a team operation, we are fully committed with FlexCenter’s Excellence creed, delivering a professional service focused on reaching your clients complete satisfaction in areas like customer service, sales generation and tech support.

Staff Augmentation

We will search for qualified personnel for your work teams. We transfer brand cultural details to the team. We convey your culture to the working team.

Service Scope

1-on-1 Agent

Specific profile agent, that will work directly with you or your team.

No matter the language, time zone, or how tricky the task is, we’ve got you covered. Perfect for businesses with a bunch of customer questions. And hey, if your product needs some in-depth know-how for support, we’re your go-to for that too!
Service Scope

Team Design

Formation of work teams managed by FlexCenter. We offer our expertise in combining technology, processes, and people to achieve the set objectives.

Juggling between 2 – 8 projects like pros, our 2 – 4 seasoned agent teams has got you covered 24/7. Amp up your customer engagement game. From after-hours queries to kickstarting tech and customer support, consider it handled with flair and precision. Boost your brand with us!
Service Scope


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you want to boost!

The right person to get the job done!


Omnichannel Support

Choose the channels that your clients prefer!


Activate Contact Channels

with customised omnichannel support

Discover a world where every communication touchpoint is an opportunity for unparalleled service. With our omni-channel support, your customers are always heard, valued and prioritized.

Your Dream

The difference between meh and MEmorable!

We are committed with excelence in every service provided to our clients. Consiuos that human talent is the engine that drives this committment, we have created the Employee Engament Program (EEP) designed to maximize our teams satisfaction, reduce turnover rates and deliver customized solutions for your company’s needs.

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