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Service Portfolio

Welcome to your premier global partner in outsourcing solutions, where the main goal is to power your business and take it to the next level. Our A-Team of experienced agents specializes in delivering top-noch solutions in sales, customer service & tech support areas.

We offer two main categories of services:

Dedicated Agents Service

Designed for businesses seeking exclusive support tailored to their unique requirements.
No matter the language, time zone, or how tricky the task is, we’ve got you covered. Perfect for businesses with a bunch of customer questions. And hey, if your product needs some in-depth know-how for support, we’re your go-to for that too!
Sales & Lead Generation
Customer Support
Sales and Lead Generation
Technical Support
Back-office Operations

Shared Process Services

Suitable for businesses that don’t need full-time agents but still demand a premium service.
Juggling between 2 – 8 projects like pros, our 2 – 4 seasoned agent teams has got you covered 24/7. Amp up your customer engagement game. From after-hours queries to kickstarting tech and customer support, consider it handled with flair and precision. Boost your brand with us!
Pay-as-you-use Customer Support
Event-based Technical Support
Seasonal Sales Boost
Overflow Support
After-hours Support

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Focused Services

The right tool to get the job done!

Virtual Assistant
Customer Service
Sales Generation
Client Support


Omnichannel Support

Choose the channels that your clients prefer!
Discover a world where every communication touchpoint is an opportunity for unparalleled service. With our omni-channel support, your customers are always heard, valued and prioritized.


Dial-in and let’s talk!
Our voice support isn’t just a call – it’s an experience. Connect with your clients in real-time, understand and solve their concerns on-the-fly.


Prefer to put it in writing?
Questions, feedback, or just assistance, your clients can shoot us an email. We’ll delve into their concerns and get back with precise solutions.


Need answers now?
Whether you’re clients browse your site or app, our chat support ensures instant assistance with the convenience of a text.


Social Media

Join the conversation
Your brand is more than just a logo, it’s a living dialogue. From Facebook to Twitter, we’re active, responsive, and tuned into your clients needs.


Security meets convenience
Communicate with ease and assurance. WhatsApp global appeal, makes it an essential part of our customer-centric approach.

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